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non·pa·reil [non-puh-rel]


1. having no equal; peerless.


2. a person or thing having no equal.
3. a small pellet of colored sugar for decorating candy, cake, and cookies.
4. Printing.
a. a 6-point type.
b. a slug occupying 6 points of space between lines.


With over 40 years of experience in sourcing and collecting rare photographic books and prints from father to son. David Lockwood, following in the footsteps of his late father Arthur Lockwood, who was a book designer and an industrial landscape water colour artist, established the Liverpool based on-line bookshop www.nonparielbooks.com in 2013 as a vehicle to turn this interest and passion into a business. David, the proprietor of Nonpareil Books, is also active in both photography (www.dglockwood.com) and photographic education, running a BA Degree in Photography course in North Liverpool.

Direct contact – david.lockwood@nonpareilbooks.com

In the past few years we have sourced and sold outstanding items such as::

      • Antlitz der Zeit – August Sander, 1936
      • Vietnam Inc. – Philip Jones Griffiths, 1971  (very rare hardback)
      • The Seventh Wave – 2000, Trent Park and Narelle Autio (signed by Trent Park and Narelle Autio)
      • 50 Photographs  – George Dureau, 1985 (special slipcase edition of 100 signed by George Dureau and Edward Lucie-Smith)
      • Les Nus De Drtikol – Frantisek Drtikol, 1929 (very rare first edition folio of 30 prints)
      • William Eggleston’s Guide – William Eggleston, 1976  (signed)

This website is a showcase for a selection of the best and most interesting of the books or prints collected or for sale by Nonpareil Books. For safety, security and support, our customers can currently only purchase books and prints through our e-commerce shop on the  online marketplace and when you click on a book page you will be taken its page on AbeBooks where it can be purchased and when you click on a book page you will be taken its page on AbeBooks where it can be purchased. Please click here for full listing – Nonpareil Books Full AbeBooks Listing


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